The SmartOffice

An easy to use ecosystem of connected devices, software and services that streamline communications, lower costs, and increase productivity.

Connect Reliably

At the center of the SmartOffice is the EdgeBoss, an affordable, easy to install network device.

The EdgeBoss makes phone calls clearer, security easier and internet outages a thing of the past. Its built-in IoT connectivity instantly integrates smart devices and sensors, so businesses can effortlessly monitor activity, track assets and gather critical business intelligence.

Automate Effortlessly

The SmartOffice is managed by FoneStorm®, a cloud-based, no-code rapid application development platform.

FoneStorm’s easy to use, drag & drop interface empowers IT and business professions to quickly design, automate, and manage information workflows. Users can connect business systems, distribute knowledge and drive action.

We Love to Answer Questions

Communicate Effectively

The SmartOffice is built on the powerful FracTEL network, so FoneStorm automated workflows can utilize phone, text, chat and other powerful data integrations.

Employees and customers stay connected, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

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