In 2004, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the New Orleans area, leaving many people without shelter and unable to get help. Over 20,000,000 calls were unable to complete during the duration of recovery, due to fallen phone lines and damages to critical telecommunications equipment. Commerce for the entire area was ruined by the storm, and only after years of rebuilding were they able to bounce back.

Disaster can strike at any moment and can put a business of any size out of commission. How can businesses operate without access to their phones for extended periods of time? The simple answer is, they can’t. Without communication, a business is unable to function as a place of commerce. In the case of a disaster which renders a business unavailable for an extended period of time, simple communication between coworkers becomes both increasingly important and dramatically more difficult.

This eBook discusses the advantages Cloud PBX offers in support of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

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